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Asphalt pavement is held together with a binder known as asphalt cement, which is created from the distillation process of certain crude oils.

Over time, the binder—and in turn the asphalt— is degraded by traffic, chemicals, rain, UV rays, etc, which ultimately leads to a weakening and cracking of the surface.

To extend the life of your roads, driveways, and parking lots, it is important to perform maintenance through the utilization of seal coating. Seal coats are usually bituminous-based, mixed with water, polymer additives, silica sand, and other fillers, and are typically applied by a brush or spray technique. The seal coating and sealant protect the surface of the pavement from water that might settle into the pores of the asphalt, which later on freeze and expand—ultimately leading to cracking of the pavement.

A consistent program of seal coating every two to three years can more than double the life of your asphalt surfaces, saving you from spending an unnecessary amount of money down the line. It is much more economical to invest in the maintenance of your asphalt surfaces over time, as opposed to spending thousands of dollars to completely re-pave your driveways and parking lots.

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