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Excavation in Cape St. Claire, MD

Excavation is the process of moving soil, rock, or other materials from a building site to form an open trench, hole, or cavity using any designated tools or machinery.

The most common types of excavation in residential construction are as follows:

Cut and Fill

This one is pretty straightforward— the “cutting” is of the earth that is removed from a designated area, and the “filling” is the earth that is brought into that same area. This is a common process where the goal is to ultimately conserve energy and maximize the use of existing materials, especially when excavating for a road, railway, or canal.


This process involves digging a narrow trench in the ground, usually for the installation and maintenance of cables, utility lines, pipelines, or conduits.


This is the process of removing all hard, compacted, or cemented materials that require the use of ripping or blasting the area.

Foundation (or “footing”)

This is the preparation of a sub-surface area for the installation of house footings. These excavations are typically eighteen inches to several feet deep— an elevation that lies lower than the frost line. This protects the foundation from heaving (e.g. expanding and contracting) due to frost.


Of course, we know that a basement is the part of a building that is underground. However, basements can also be built at ground level on one end and at surface level on the other—as in the case of a “daylight basement.”

The excavation for basement-building is typically done by a heavy-duty machine called a track loader or excavator.

Excavation is one of our primary areas of expertise and we have been doing it for a long time.

This experience keeps our earthwork projects organized, efficient, and cost-effective. Our trained and licensed excavators will be sure to keep your property intact by following our strict guidelines for safety and efficiency. We follow all local, regional, and national guideline rules in making sure all of our services are completed to the best standard of quality.

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